What to Give a Nurse for Christmas

For all you last minute shoppers still looking for a gift for the nurse in your life look no further.

1) Starbucks (or their coffee shop of choice) gift cards. Nurses thrive off caffeine. If you really love her (or him), set it up to automatically refill the card when it gets too low. Unlimited Starbucks… A girl can only dream

2) cute socks… Most hospital nurses these days have very limited choices in what we can wear to work. Socks not only let us show off our amazing personalities but let us have a little bit of fun with our uniform (and bend a few rules too).

3) A stethoscope… One of the most essential tools as a nurse (besides our ginormous brains and big ol’ hearts) is a stethoscope. Do a little research here…

4) stethoscope bling… If the nurse in your life already has a top of the line stethoscope, bedazzle it. CharMed makes adorable stethoscope charms that are fun and antimicrobial

5) for the new nurse in your life consider at RN pocket guide. This can be extremely useful when trying to master the nursing basics. If a book seems too bulky… A white coat clipboard for nurses might just do the trick

6) Wine, gin, vodka, bourbon… Whatever can help erase the memory of the code browns we dealt with all night. The more, the merrier. If the nurse in your life doesn’t drink… This can be substituted with chocolate, cookie dough, French fries, donuts, ice cream… You get the drift. Just don’t put your fingers near their mouth or you might lose one

7) New scrubs… Every nurse has their own favorite brand. Go sneak a peak a some of the tags and you’re golden or try something new. I’m a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy (the show and the scrubs), Med Couture, Blue Sky and Healing Hands. What’s better than wearing pajamas to work? Wearing super soft, stretchy, make your butt look good pajamas

8) a nice set of trauma shears and hemostats. Preferably rust resistant and in a fun color (my color preference is pink if anyone’s asking)

9) a new scrub jacket… White is usually better because it can go with more. Bonus points: get it monogrammed (maybe match it to the new stethoscope and trauma shears you got them)

10) a spa day… A mani/pedi or massage or full out spa day. Nurses are on their feet the majority of the day. Burning rubber running back and forth between rooms trying to keep everyone happy and alive. It’s exhausting and our poor feet and backs could use a little TLC. Don’t even get me started on our poor, cracked hands from the abuse we subject them to just doing our jobs.

11) a super nice, super yummy smelling, super long lasting lotion… Nurses wash their hands constantly (see above). Pamper your favorite nurse with an amazing hand lotion and they’ll love you forever. If you’re buying for a male nurse… You might want to skip the smelly kind and go for a more neutral scent

12) A day of rest… For all the nurses who also happen to be blessed with parenthood… Give them a day off. A real day off. Let them stay in their real Jammie’s all day, spread out on the couch and be judged by netflix for watching too long. Everyone deserves a day to just recharge their batteries.

13) and finally, if you really want to go the extra mile and look super awesome while doing it. Show up on Christmas Eve or Day with a hot meal for all of the nurses to enjoy. Nurses give up their holidays to take care of everyone else’s loved ones with little thanks or complaints. They deserve to be remembered and thanked too for just doing what we do best…

Now get out there and spoil the nurses in your life. If any of y’all have any thing you’d like to add to the list, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear them! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very blessed New Year to all!


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